Dr. Philipp Heuberer: Your personal biceps specialist

Treatment for and prophylaxis against rupture of the distal biceps tendon

  • Do you feel a sharp pain in your upper arm?
  • Can you no longer move your arm without pain?
  • Do you notice a loss of strength when bending the elbow?

This sounds like inflammation of the distal biceps tendon and requires immediate treatment. The risk if not treated: a tear of the distal biceps tendon.

Therefore, you should come to my office immediately so we can look at the problem. I specialize in the treatment and prophylaxis of such complaints and would like to help you enjoy an active lifestyle again without pain!

I want to be free of complaints!

Why are the biceps so vulnerable?

The biceps is a two-headed muscle that connects the shoulder to the elbow and is responsible for flexion at the elbow.

Coming from the shoulder with two tendons, the biceps joins at the elbow to form a tendon that attaches extensively to the radius.

Due to the high load, this tendon insertion is particularly susceptible and can easily become inflamed. Such inflammation is not only painful, but can subsequently lead to partial rupture and even complete rupture.

The sooner you come to see me, the easier the treatment will be. Therefore, do not hesitate and consult me already at the first painful sign. Because: every day that passes can increase your suffering. Also in the long term.

I want to be pain free

This is what I can do for you as your personal biceps specialist

My team and I have been dealing with elbow and arm conditions for decades.

Among other things, I was able to enjoy a special training in shoulder and elbow surgery (The Prince of Wales and Concord Shoudler and Elbow Fellowship) in Australia, where I learned open shoulder and elbow surgery.

You can now benefit from these many years of experience. My focus is not only on eliminating the symptoms, but also on treating the causes.

I am convinced that we will find a suitable and most gentle solution for your problem in my practice in Vienna.

Dr. Philipp R. Heuberer

What happens when the distal biceps tendon is torn?

Due to high stress, the biceps are very vulnerable. Sharp pain in the elbow, as well as a loss of strength when bending and rotating the elbow, can be signs of inflammation of the distal biceps tendon (tendinitis).

Partial rupture and complete rupture of the tendon occur as consequences of this inflammation.

Complete rupture of the distal biceps tendon is a severe soft tissue trauma that often results in severe bleeding and noticeable swelling. If the tendon is not restored, there remains a 50% loss of strength in flexion and 30% in return movements.

How are inflammations and tears of the distal biceps tendon detected?

Tendinitis or partial rupture can be detected by MRI or ultrasonography. Rupture of the biceps tendon presents clinically and is confirmed by ultrasound or MRI. This examination also determines how far the tendon has already retracted into the upper arm.

In what form does the treatment take place?

Inflammation and also partial rupture can often already be treated by eccentric training, focused shock wave therapy and by ultrasound-targeted infiltrations with PRP. In the event of a rupture, rapid surgical treatment is essential to prevent secondary damage.

Reliable diagnosis, targeted therapy