About Dr. Philipp Heuberer | Specialist for Shoulder – Elbow – Knee

Dr. Philipp Heuberer grew up in Linz. After graduating from the Jesuit College Aloisianum, he began his medical studies in Vienna. In order to gain a broader horizon, he also studied in Graz and completed a year abroad in Alicante, Spain.Dr. Heuberer began and completed his orthopedic training at the Orthopedic Department of the Hospital of the Sisters of Mercy, the largest specialist department for shoulder surgery in Austria at that time.

After completing his residency, Dr. Heuberer gained specialized training in shoulder and elbow surgery (The Prince of Wales and Concord Shoudler and Elbow Fellowship) in Sydney, Australia and studied open shoulder and elbow surgery with Australia’s most prominent shoulder surgeons. This extensive training allowed him to acquire specialized skills and particular knowledge in arthroscopic and open shoulder surgery in general and revision surgery in particular. After the Orthopedic Department of the Sisters of Mercy was also a pioneer in the field of patient-specific knee arthroplasty, he also acquired special know-how in the field of knee surgery. Dr. Heuberer performed the first meniscus transplant at the department.

Since his stay in Australia and the proximity to the shoulder, Dr. Heuberer delved further into elbow surgery. He became one of the few in Austria with extensive experience in arthroscopic and open elbow surgery. Having soon recognized the limitations of conventional therapy options and the possibilities of regenerative medicine, Dr Heuberer became involved with blood plasma and stem cell therapies at an early stage. He is one of the few experts in Austria with a wealth of experience and is invited internationally.
His scientific interest was already stimulated during his training, as it was always his concern to check and further improve the quality of treatment. That is why he was instrumental in the establishment of a scientific department for the shoulder unit of the Sisters of Mercy.

Dr. Philipp Heuberer

The result was numerous renowned publications and scientific prizes. This interest also led him to become involved early on with the German-speaking Arthroscopy Association (AGA), the largest professional society for arthroscopy in Europe. Dr. Heuberer won the Society’s prestigious European Arthroscopy Fellowship and moved onto the AGA Board of Directors, of which he is Vice President and next President. This guarantees that he always has his finger on the pulse, confers with the most important medical opinion leaders and is able to help shape innovations.

Since August 2017, he has opened his private practice at the Health Pi Medical Center in Wollzeile and is a founding member of the Austrian Shoulder Center. Dr. Heuberer is a guest speaker and instructor at numerous national and international congresses, workshops and training seminars, as well as a consultant for Arthrex, the leading research and development company in the field of shoulder surgery. As a result of his research activities, Dr. Heuberer developed and refined numerous surgical techniques and regularly publishes in top orthopedic journals.

In July 2020, he completed his habilitation on shoulder surgery at the Medical University of Vienna.

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Arthroscopic J-Spanplasty for the reconstruction of the glenoid cavity

Arthroscopic knotless anatomic reconstruction of the rotator cuff.

Arthroscopic knotless anatomic reconstruction for shoulder instability.

Stemless shoulder arthroplasty

Superior capsular reconstruction for irreparable rotator cuff defects.

Lateral collateral ligament reconstruction for therapy-resistant tennis elbow

Arthroscopic collateral ligament reconstruction for subclinical elbow instability.

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